ICE-Free Zone Posters

Download your posters here! And please check out our ongoing call to artists and submit your own work.

Going Beyond Rights.
It’s important to refuse ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) permission to enter our home, community spaces, spaces of worship, and places of work. Knowing our rights is one helpful tool but it will not alone be enough to protect our communities.  We know that ICE agents and the police don’t always follow their own rules, and the rules are always changing.  Declaring our homes, schools, churches, mosques, temples, and community centers ICE Free Zones is a way to send a message that we will not comply with these criminal ways of treating people, that we are in opposition to ICE’s mission to break apart families and communities and we will resist, we will create sanctuary that means something. We need to organize to create protection for people in our communities who are being targeted and how we do that in our various communities, in various locations is up to us.

How to:
Click on an image and download it. Then click on and download a ‘Prepare for ICE: Rights & Beyond” one-pager. Print double sided, so you have a poster on one side, and helpful information for preparing for ICE on the other.

Put them up in your home, windows of businesses around town, out in your neighborhood, schools, and more. Bring them to marches with you, share them online, door knock with them. These images are meant to support movements to end deportation and detentions.

We will fight for each other.
#NoBan #NoWall #Not1More


All images credited to the artists and are under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Creative Commons license. That means submissions are available for sharing (copy and redistribute) and adapting (remixing — adding words to an image to make an event flyer as an example or use as a poster). If using an image, cite the artist! Images are not for commercial use.

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